Neoi Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to support and guide you in your experience of your mobile, with questions concerning your own mobile, updated in regular bases to give you more answers

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How can I lock my Screen on my NeoISlide 907 using the Keyboard:

The Audio Player works like this…

How can I change my Ringtones, Wallpaper, My Directional Keys and my Volume?

The Neoi Background Noise Feature during Calls…

Some Neoi Mobile have Hand Recognition Software, here is how you use it...

How do I set p the WAP, MMS and GPRS Accounts?

The Speed of GPRS and the Websites that you surf…

Neoi and the T9 Feature…

How to use the Neoi Travel Charger?

How Long does my Battery last and everything I need to know about Charging My Battery

PC Sync Quick Help:

How can my Bluetooth Stereo Headset connect with my Neoi

What is the difference between the NeoISlide 907 and the NeoITaps 909?

I have a Neoi Mobile Phone. Where can I get more Games?

My Neoi plays no MP3 or MP4 files

What is a Factory reset of my mobile phone?

When do I use reset?

How to perform reset?

What will happen after reset?

What is Reset Key?

What is a PIN code?

What is a PIN2 code?

What is a PUK code?

What is a PUK2 code?

What is NCK / NUK Code?

My phone won't power on.

My phone turns off automatically.

My phone is always showing low power.

My phone's screen shows:
'Invalid SIM', 'No Service', and 'Emergency'.

My phone screen shows: 'Network key?' or 'Reset Key?'

I can't make outgoing call, I can't receive incoming call.

My phone's ringtone does not sound.

The communication with my phone breaks down,
and the sound quality is poor.

How can I send and receive multimedia (MMS) messages?

My phone won't send or receive text (SMS) messages.

Error sending / receiving of the text message.

Why is there no battery charging icon indicated on my phone
when I plug it to the charger?

How can I back up phone data?

How can I synchronize phone data with my PC?

What is SAR

My Car Bluetooth Connection reads an Error Prohibited by SIMAP

I tried to Sync my Outlook with my Neoi,
but it failed, what can I do….

Japan and Korea , does my Neoi work ?

So , can I type in Chinese

I have a MAC and a Neoi

Tips and Tricks for the Phone Suite and Outlook...