Neoi Intelligent Mobility Integrated
ommunication System

  Free Global calls between any Neoi Android Device via NIMICS  
While the Neoi Java series (809-906-908-908) can only use the Integrated Messenger Services (IMS), which allows users to apply for a free IMS Account, The Neoi Android Series  can bundle and integrate thru our Server all Messenger Services IT Services ( Neoi) , MSN, Yahoo, Google, AOL ICQ , Jabber, in a highly secured and private manner. The user will see immediately who is online and connected with his mobile, to Desktop accounts. We also can detect MSN hotmail users. User can communicate between Neoi Phones and PC Desktop (with the free Neoi IT Desktop Client) and to other Smart phones, WITHOUT disturbing advertising.



  The Neoi Android Series then works as a NIMICS which allows integrating of SIM Card Mobile Phone Numbers into the NEOI IP system, and making seamless roaming calls between WiFi and 3G Data Networks without using GSM or roaming. IP calls are always a local (Data) call.  Calls between Neoi Phone subscribers are totally free and direct, the Software will always look for an IP connection first to connect phone calls.


  The customer can apply for an integrated account once he has his Mobile Phone Number available, we accept any country.